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  • WSC2515R1000FEA



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Vishay Dale

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2515 J-Lead



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100 mOhms ±1% 1W Chip Resistor 2515 J-Lead Automotive AEC-Q200, Pulse Withstanding Wirewound


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Product Description: WSC2515R1000FEA Surface-Mount Current Sense Resistor

The WSC2515R1000FEA is a high-quality surface-mount current sense resistor designed for accurate and reliable current measurement in various electronic circuits. With its advanced features, robust construction, and compact design, this resistor offers engineers and designers a versatile solution for precise current sensing applications.

Key Features:

Precision Current Sensing: The WSC2515R1000FEA is engineered to provide accurate and precise current measurement, making it suitable for a wide range of current sensing applications.

Surface-Mount Design: Featuring a compact surface-mount design, this resistor is easy to integrate into modern electronics, saving valuable space on printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Low Resistance Value: The resistor has a low resistance value of 1.0 ohm, allowing it to sense current while minimizing voltage drop across the resistor itself.

High Power Rating: With a high power rating, the resistor can handle substantial current levels without compromising accuracy or performance.

Robust Construction: Built to withstand various environmental conditions and temperature fluctuations, the resistor's robust construction ensures long-term reliability.

Wide Range of Applications: The WSC2515R1000FEA can be used in a variety of applications, including power management, motor control, battery monitoring, and more.


The WSC2515R1000FEA current sense resistor finds application in a range of electronic systems where accurate current measurement is crucial:

Power Management: Integrate the resistor into power management circuits to monitor current consumption and optimize power usage in various electronic devices.

Motor Control: Use the resistor in motor control circuits to measure current flow, enabling precise control and protection of motors in industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics.

Battery Monitoring: Employ the resistor in battery monitoring circuits to measure charging and discharging currents, ensuring optimal battery performance and longevity.

Overcurrent Protection: Implement the resistor in overcurrent protection circuits to detect abnormal current spikes and trigger protective measures to prevent damage to components.

Keyboard Compatibility:

While the WSC2515R1000FEA current sense resistor is not a standard keyboard component, it could have relevance in advanced keyboard designs with specific requirements:

Advanced Controls: In keyboards designed for specialized applications, the current sense resistor could be integrated into control circuits to monitor current flow related to key presses or specific functions.

Custom Interfaces: For keyboards with customized interfaces, the resistor could play a role in monitoring current consumption and optimizing power management within the keyboard's electronic components.

In summary, the WSC2515R1000FEA surface-mount current sense resistor offers accurate current measurement and versatility for a range of applications. While not a typical keyboard component, it could find application in advanced keyboard designs requiring current monitoring, specialized controls, or custom interfaces, contributing to enhanced functionality and performance.

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  • Type
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  • Type


  • Category

    Resistors Chip Resistor - Surface Mount

  • Mfr

    Vishay Dale

  • Series


  • Resistance

    100 mOhms

  • Tolerance


  • Power (Watts)


  • Composition


  • Features

    Automotive AEC-Q200, Pulse Withstanding

  • Temperature Coefficient


  • Operating Temperature

    -65°C ~ 275°C

  • Package / Case

    2515 J-Lead

  • Supplier Device Package


  • Ratings


  • Size / Dimension

    0.250" L x 0.150" W (6.35mm x 3.81mm)

  • Number of Terminations


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