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Texas Instruments

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LDC3114 4-Channel Hybrid Inductive Touch and Inductance to Digital Converter


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Texas Instruments LDC3114QPWR Inductive Sensing Solution

Product Overview:

The Texas Instruments LDC3114QPWR is an advanced inductive sensing solution designed to enable precise and contactless sensing in a wide range of applications. Leveraging the latest in inductive sensing technology, this compact and versatile device offers high-resolution measurements and robust performance in challenging environments.

Key Features:

  • High-Resolution Sensing: The LDC3114QPWR offers industry-leading resolution, allowing you to detect the smallest changes in proximity or displacement accurately.

  • Contactless Sensing: Inductive sensing technology eliminates the need for physical contact, making it ideal for applications where wear and tear are concerns.

  • Wide Range of Applications: This sensor is suitable for a variety of applications, including position sensing, liquid level measurement, and proximity detection.

  • Integrated Signal Conditioning: The device includes built-in signal conditioning, simplifying the integration process and reducing the need for external components.

  • Low Power Consumption: The LDC3114QPWR is designed for energy efficiency, making it suitable for battery-powered applications.


  • Position Sensing: Achieve precise and non-contact position sensing in industrial machinery, automotive systems, and robotics.

  • Liquid Level Measurement: Monitor liquid levels in tanks and containers with high accuracy.

  • Proximity Detection: Enable touchless user interfaces and gesture recognition in consumer electronics.

  • Quality Control: Use in manufacturing and quality control processes for precise measurements.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage: 2.7V to 3.6V
  • Resolution: Up to 28 bits
  • I2C Interface: Compatible
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C
  • Package: 16-pin TSSOP

Why Choose Texas Instruments LDC3114QPWR:

The LDC3114QPWR from Texas Instruments stands out in the market for its high-resolution sensing capabilities, low power consumption, and versatility. It offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for applications that require precise and contactless measurements.


  • LDC3114QPWR Datasheet
  • Application Notes
  • Design Support and Tools

Ordering Information:

The LDC3114QPWR is available through authorized distributors. Contact your local distributor or visit the Texas Instruments website to place an order

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